10 Year Build Warranty

10 Year Guarantee

Building to the latest regulations and exacting standards.

Merchant Taylor Homes always designs and builds in accordance with the latest Building Regulations. We are NHBC registered and also work with a number of other recognised warranty providers – we make sure to meet all of their exacting standards and encourage inspections at key stages of build to ensure compliance


Buildmark Warranty

Our Buildmark Warranty providers have a wealth of experience and are leading independent regulators and standards setters for the new homes industry. Their Standards are kept updated and supported by Good Practice Guidance Notes which are sent to us periodically and with which we comply.

Their objective is to reduce the likelihood of defects in new build homes, by working with us to promote good practice and the use of appropriate materials.

It is in their interest to eliminate defects as they provide us with the Buildmark Warranty which we pass to you. You in turn may pass this on to whoever buys your home, should you sell it during the period of the Buildmark Warranty.

Buildmark Warranty covers the following:

  • Before the property is completed you are protected against our insolvency.
  • For the first two years after completion you are covered against physical damage to the home caused as a result of any failure on our part to meet agreed standards.
  • For years three to ten you will be provided with direct insurance cover for the full cost (if more than £750) of physical damage caused to the home by a defect in the structure of the building.

Your Solicitor will have received the Buildmark Warranty Proposal which must be completed by your Solicitor and returned to the Warranty provider with your details in order for the Warranty to take effect.

Upon legal completion we will provide you with information on how to proceed if you have any problems with your new home.

NHBC Resolution Service

If a dispute cannot be settled amicably between us, the NHBC can become involved through its Resolution Service which is a simple way of resolving disputes.

The NHBC will investigate your complaint and may send an investigator to your home to meet with you and our representative. The investigator will look at the items in dispute and, where agreement is reached, will record the agreement in the report. Where agreement cannot be reached, the investigator will recommend what action, if any, may be required of us.

The NHBC will issue a report which, if appropriate, will require us to carry out work or actions within a set timescale. The timescale will depend on the complexity of the work or action required.

If you do not accept the NHBC’s recommendations in settlement of the complaint, you may still refer your dispute to Arbitration. Arbitration is a process which is completely independent of both Linden Homes and the NHBC. The arbitrator will be appointed by the Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. This will produce a legally binding decision which both parties must accept and adhere to. In the unlikely event that you do not agree with this decision, then you would need to commence proceedings in the Magistrates Court.

Resolution may still be appropriate if your home is more than 2 years old, but only if you first reported the defect, in writing, to Merchant Taylor Homes within the first 2 years (unless it is a structural matter).

If you find a defect which you believe we are responsible for under the Buildmark Warranty, you should advise us in writing to our Regional Office.

For further details of NHBC procedures please write to or telephone the NHBC office at:

NHBC House
Davy Avenue
Milton Keynes

Telephone: 0844 633 1000

(Please note that in certain situations we use Zurich rather than NHBC. In such cases you will be given separate details and reference to NHBC does not apply to you).